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Somebody told me that I'd always have to bow... [entries|friends|calendar]
Artful Loser

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So... UPDATES. NO MORE EMO. [Wed-3-25-2009]
[ mood | content ]

Haha, so I don't know if any of you read this.. looks like alot of people got purged or deleted their LJ's. Course, I don't even remember how to use this thing anymore, its been so long.


I've moved. I now live in the Central Coast of California.

There's more.

I have a girlfriend. :)

Had to wait till I was 25 for something like this to happen, but it finally did. Girl of my dreams, here you are. :P

So.. hopefully some of you people with the blue arrows will be happy about this. Because, one, yes I'm still alive. Still here, and now I am happy.

I was reading all my back-posts from older LJ's and such. GODS, I WAS EMO. Like, BAD emo.

Crazy shit and stuff.

So yeah.

I'm here, me'peeps.


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Alright you people. [Thu-2-5-2009]
So. Looks like all my LJ's are still up. So in order to simplify things, everyone that wants to should add artfulloser. I don't know if its a newer LJ or not, but it looks the cleanest. So please, everyone, I'm back. Add artfulloser. <3

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[ mood | blank ]

So. Once again, someone passes away while I work at Target.

My Grandpa died this morning. He was 83. He had his morning routine, wok up, had breakfast, coffee, read the paper, then went back to bed. And never woke up.

At least he had breakfast.

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New lj. [Tue-9-27-2005]
New Lj. If you want to add me, go ahead, if not, that's okay.

Add zerosoundless.
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R.I.P. Savannah [Fri-9-23-2005]
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I know someone who lives in New Orleans. But I haven't talked to her for awhile. I really hope she's okay. Thing is, I can't find her...on any of my lj contacts or Instant Messaging things....

I hope your alright.

Edit* MorriganLiban. I think that was her Aim... but I'm not sure..
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Hey people.
I guess I haven't been on here in like forever. So I'm going to update.

I found out on vacation that I have hepititic mono. Mono that affects the liver. The docter thought I might have hepititis, but no.

I can't drink any more. Not that that is a big deal for me.

Anyways, I got a new job at Target, and it's awesome! I love it. I'm going to start at the photo lab at some point so that is cool.

Anyways, hope you all are doing well. Later.
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[ mood | awake ]

Well, umm, yeah.

Well, I guess I've gone off and stopped talking to people again, either that or we are all too busy. Crap. I need to call Laura. I'll do that after I post this. *nods*

Well, I'm going on vacation to the east coast from July 1st to the 16th. Yay. Gonna eat southern food and gain weight! Hopefully. God, I need to gain some weight. I should work out.

Anyways, Yeah. Okay, I need to figure out who actually still reads these, so comment. Tell me how your life is going. ^-^;

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[ mood | crappy ]

Another day, another update.

Finding out new features for the PSP every day.
1. You can start a movie, then stop it, play some games, then when you want to watch the movie again, just pop it in, and it starts right where you left it. Sadly it can only store one movie at a time, so if you change movies, your saved spot is gone.

2. You can turn on the PSP with the supplied remote. Sweet. And it instantly goes to your music. You can't turn it off with the remote though...


In other news, I beat Advent Rising. I love that game.

Still gotta go through StarOcean: Till the End of Time. I'll do that now. Laterz.

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Yay, I made a new community! norcal_gamerz

It's for geeks and gamers! To talk about what we like! Yay! I just need help making it look good and stuff...lol
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So.. I threw up for no reason the other day.. well, maybe it was the chimichanga...or however you say it.

Things at work are psycho. So much drama just this past week.

Oh, and we will be staying open till 11pm now, starting Monday.


So, every guy I've hung out with lately, pretty much wants to have a relationship. And I can't do that. Not with a guy. At least not at this point in my life.

Strangly, it's very hardfor me to tell someone to stop when they are doing something to me I don't like. Like driving a car and he suddenly puts his hand in my lap, and starts rubbing! Like, hey whoa! And it's with a manual car too.

But no, I couldn't tell him to stop. All I can do is not talk to him. I'm going to have to talk to him. Because I like hanging out. And hell, I do like the sex and stuff, but hey, I need some female interaction. lol

But yeah, I just gotta figure out a way to tell him we can hang out, but please keep your hands off.

Laura.. you've stopped talking to me! Where have you gone?!
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Well, you realize who views you how when you let out into the world more about yourself.

Right now, I fit into size 4 women pants. Yes.Size 4. I was amazed too.

So, I said I cross-dressed, and one person I really cared for view me differently. Well, what can I do? I'm not going to change for people anymore. I'm me. Like I've said. This is me, take it, or just go.

I'm fed up with people judging people, just because they are different. You will NEVER find me doing that. I take you as you are, and love you still.

Well, I'm off.
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[ mood | Sexness ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Girls pants, and spandex shirt.

Hot or not?

If you ask nicely, I can show you the drag undergarments pictures.

I'd do me.

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Today is thong day. Wish me luck!

Okay, so I found a good bra. The only thing is, what to fill it with. :\

I'm at a hard point here guys. Pudding takes awhile to make...
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So... Lately I've been trying crossdressing. And for halloween I'm going drag.

I just need to figure out the best way to make fake boobs. Anyone got a pair of slicone things that you could send me? Lol.

Anyways. Yeah. I think I'd be a hot woman. Thin and Sexy. I'd do me....


Well, I'll figure something out.

*watches as everyone freaks out and runs away because Zac is weird!!!*
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So.. I have many new favorite things.

My favorite movie is The Girl Next Door. Followed by The Hitchhikers Guide, and then Sahara, Dog Soldiers, and the three Ginger Snaps movies.

My favorite male chinese (or is he japanese) actor is Takeshi Kaneshiro.

My favorite new band is Jem. Edit! Lost Prophets is still most favorite!! *dies at thought of Ian... *

And then there is Tender Forever. I love Tender forever. ^-^
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So. Today I had a dream about the two french girls. It was awesome. We were hanging out and talking and stuff. So cool.

Also, today I died. Many times. I had severe stomach cramping all day. Total suckage. I practically lay on the floor of the bathroom all day long.

So yeah. Tis my day.
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Don't Panic! [Fri-4-29-2005]
[ mood | Nerdistic ]

Yesss.... yess.. today... is extreme nerdgasm day.

Thank you Douglas Adams. We miss you.


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Look me in the eye and tell me you don't find me attractive.. [Thu-4-28-2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So I got the Tegan and Sara cd, and The Blow cd came too. Yay Khaela! Both are awesome!

Things are good. Really. I haven't been depressed for awhile, so that's good. I just really need to move out at some point.

Anyways... everything is good.. so that's all I have to say.

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